Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ginger Smoothie

Warning: This will give you lots of energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 cup water
1 apple (any variety)
1 peach (any variety)
ginger zest to taste (you probably don't have to zest the ginger in a high-powered blender, but I did just to be sure)
6-8 frozen strawberries

Blend water, apple, peach and ginger in a high powered blender until smooth. Add frozen strawberries for about 15 seconds. Drink and enjoy!

*This is a lot of fruit for one sitting, right? I will down a quart of smoothie if it's mostly green veggies, but these fruity ones are harder to take in one sitting. Split it with your children and husband, or freeze half of it into popsicles. YUM! Then you know there's a healthy, fresh treat waiting for you in the freezer when you need it! Popsicle molds are a must in every smoothie kitchen, I think ;)

Recipe by: Megan McGary (Yes, this is a Megan original!)

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