Monday, March 12, 2012

Green-Guzzling Superstars!

How to celebrate St. Patrick's day this year...
Eat as much of nature's green goodness as you can!

One of my favorite health heroines is Tera Warner, The Green Smoothie Queen. Her enthusiasm, positivity and silliness always pick me up and get me back on track if I've lost a healthy habit or two.  Every St. Patty's day she hosts a 7-day green smoothie challenge. I love signing up for this right at the cusp of Spring when the weather is warm and I'm ready to come out of hibernation!

You can sign up for her free challenge using the link below and receive daily emails from her for the next 7 days if you want. I'm signed up because I love all of her information and pep! (This is free, did I mention?) This challenge starts the 13th with four days of preparation. St. Patty's Day, Saturday the 17th kicks off three full days of green smoothies until the 19th. 
You can simply increase your intake of nature's finest GREEN foods until St. Patrick's day! One way to do this would be to drink 1 quart of green smoothie and eat 1 salad every day. Or increase your green smoothie intake until you are drinking nothing but green smoothies on St. Patrick's day. 
Now isn't that a fun way to look forward to this holiday each year?

Here's to a chard-chomping, shamrock-shlurping St. Patty's day!

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