Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ricotta Stuffed Cucumber Boat

It was a late night and after a full day of errands, farmers market runs, zumba class and a pinch of procrastination, I found myself scrambling to squeeze out one more side dish for my morning delivery. Think Kristin. Think of something wonderful. Well this is what I produced. All be it utterly last minute. I am not entirely ashamed of this one.


1 cucumber
1/2  to 1 cup (depending on cucumber size) Ricotta
1/4 cup basil
6 yellow cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
smoked paprika -to taste
pinch of salt - to taste
pinch of fresh ground peppercorn


1.Peel your cucumber cut in half  2.Cut both halves  length wise. 3.Scoop out seeds ( it should look like a hollowed out canoe) 4. In blender pulse: ricotta, basil, salt, smoked paprika, fresh ground peppercorn
(should pulse until cottage cheese like consistency) 5.Stuff cucumbers and squeeze fresh lemon atop. Add salt to taste. 6. Line sliced cherry tomatoes atop boat. Bon Appetit !

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