Friday, February 12, 2010

Throwing Dinner Together with WILD RICE!

Of all the rices, wild is my favorite!

Since I've been trying to eat extra healthy lately, I have a TON of vegetables and sprouting seeds and beans in the house but no actual recipe plans. So, I've been doing something I've NEVER done before... inventing!

Invention #1: Wild Rice Hoopla
-Wild Rice (Costco has a GOOD one)
-Steamed Kale (Whole Foods has pre-cut Kale in a tub, it's SO easy!)
-Sprouted Garbanzo Beans
-Sprouted Lentils
(You don't HAVE to sprout for this recipe.)
-Red Onion
-Juice of 1 Lemon

*PLENTY of vitamins, nutrients and protein in this recipe!*

1. Get the wild rice going per package directions. It usually takes about 45 min.
2. Cut Kale into small shreds and steam in a rice cooker for about 8 minutes.
3. If you don't have sprouted beans going already, canned garbanzos are just fine. (But do they have canned lentils? I've never heard of that! Maybe cook the lentils per package directions? I only know how to sprout beans or buy them canned.)
4. Chop the red onion.
5. Put it all together: Layer garbanzo beans and lentils on bottom of long skinny bowl, put the warm Kale on top, then the chopped Red Onion and hot rice on top. (This just helps everything to be warm without having to cook it!) Stir it up, squeeze a little lemon juice on top and see what you think!

P.S. There are no guarantees on inventions... ;)

Last night I made the same type of thing but it wasn't as good. I did wild rice, sprouted lentils, roasted red peppers, green onions and olives.

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